We are smack bang in the middle of winter here in Melbourne Town! Along with the cold comes the pruning season!
VIP Trees, Hedges & Gardens specialize in all things pruning, including roses, fruit trees & deciduous trees like Prunus. Prunus trees, or Ornamental Pear trees are fast becoming the BIG kid on the block. planted for their quick growth and compact size (Area expansion), these trees are everywhere now. They start off small but once the roots become established & they get going, they can grow extraordinarily fast. This is not a bad thing, as long as they are pruned annually. We prune them annually to train them to grow not only even but to keep the bottom & middle sections looking full. if left untouched for a couple years or more, you will soon see that only the top is growing high, & not much is growing down below. Not good if you want it as a screen. These trees respond great to pruning so we can go hard on them where needed.

The Ornamental Pears in the pics below were cut to about 4.5m high. the owner wanted them to be just enough to screen them from the neighbors second story window, but not too high that they get out of control.

.                        IMG_2593                IMG_2595

If your trees are becoming overwhelming or you just want some advice on what to do, then dont hesitate to contact us for a chat.
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